You’ll sleep better if you let your pooch in the room

You’ll sleep better if you let your pooch in the room

New research from the Mayo Clinic found that letting dogs sleep in the bedroom helps people get a better night’s sleep. Researchers analyzed 40 adults who didn’t have sleep disorders (as well as their dogs), giving both humans and dogs activity trackers to monitor their sleeping habits. They found that sleeping in the same room as their dog helped people have a better night’s sleep, regardless of the dog’s breed. But the findings only apply if your pet is in the bedroom, not under the covers with you. In fact, letting animals get under the covers can reduce sleep quality, likely because cats and dogs like to move around and fidget, which can end up disrupting your sleep. The researchers believe that the benefits of letting your pets sleep in the same room are down to a sense of comfort and security. (Daily News and Analysis)

NBC also reports that when we’re with our dogs, our stress levels decrease, leaving us more relaxed and able to deal with life in ways that aren’t harmful to our health. They also say that because of the high-tech low-touch world we live in, having that relationship with nature is something we long for, and we’re able to have it through our pups. And not only that, because dogs are so loyal and loving, when someone is alone, having a companion like a dog is something that helps us feel less empty. (NBC News)


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