Woman had 27 contacts stuck in eye socket

Woman had 27 contacts stuck in eye socket

If you wear contact lenses and you’ve ever forgotten to take them out before you fell asleep, you know how bad it feels to wake up to painfully dry eyes.  So, to be honest, I have no idea how this woman could even function with her issue.

A 67-year-old woman from England went to her optometrist to have cataract surgery, and she told her doctor she had really dry eyes. During the exam, the doctor figured out what was causing her discomfort. She had 27 lost contacts stuck in her eye socket!! Just stuck together sitting in one blob behind her eye.

The doctor didn’t know it was even possible to have that many lenses stuck behind an eye.  And when she has them all removed, can you guess how she felt? Well obviously, said she felt a lot better.

A report about this case was just released in the “British Medical Journal” and at Optometry Today.  And the doctor says this is a good reminder to get regular eye appointments, because you never know what they might find. Let’s just hope it isn’t something alive…… (Full article at OT)


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