The 7 Keys to a Successful Marriage

The 7 Keys to a Successful Marriage

I was browsing online the other night and I bumped into an article where a marriage counselor gave their list of the seven keys to a successful marriage. It’s been trending for a hot second, and I thought it can work just as well for people who are dating, not just for those who are married. See if you agree with them! (Huffington Post)

1.  Communication.  You can’t be a stone wall, you have to talk and express your feelings.  And you need to learn to be civil while you do it, because not everything needs to be a blowout.

2.  Learning to compromise.  You won’t always get what you want, and you shouldn’t need or even want to win every fight.  Learn to meet in the middle.

3.  Accepting that there will be ups and downs.  Secret: You won’t connected and happy every minute of every day, and that’s okay, just don’t make it a habit.

4.  Realizing your sex life might have ups and downs. Just like the mental and emotional aspects of the relationship, there will be times where it’s not always great.  Sex is important, but don’t put too much pressure on yourselves, that tends to make things more difficult.

5.  Being ready to hang in there during the bumpy times.  Don’t have one foot out the door. Have faith that you’ll reconnect and work things out.

6.  Realizing your relationship will evolve, and that it’s a good thing.  If you try to keep things exactly the same for 30 straight years, you’ll start to feel bored and suffocated. Be adventurous and spontaneous, your significant other will thank you for it, and things like that can often create a new spark.

7.  Realizing that you also have to change and evolve as an individual.  In other words, keep growing as a person.  Being too codependent puts a lot of pressure on a relationship.  So be your own person too.


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