Squirrel Causes Factory Fire and Community Power Outage

Squirrel Causes Factory Fire and Community Power Outage

Emergency crews responding to a fire at the Scardillo Cheese Factory in Burnaby, British Columbia, didn’t take long to figure out the cause of the blaze once it had been distinguished. (Business In Vancouver)

It seems that a squirrel chewed through a piece of equipment, causing nearly 20,000 gallons of milk to spoil. Flames also damaged a main power line, causing the factory and 150 residents in the area to lose power. It took 12 hours to restore power, which is what caused the milk to spoil. The cheese was protected with rented generators. Five fire trucks and 15 firefighters were on hand to extinguish the blaze, but couldn’t do so while the main power line that served the building, which had been destroyed by the flames, was down and live.

A spokesperson for Scardillo said the factory will lose about a week of production due to the time it will take to clean up and dispose of the spoiled milk.


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