Shark Week (Week of July 23rd) Kicks Off with “GREAT” Race

Shark Week (Week of July 23rd) Kicks Off with “GREAT” Race

Shark Week kicks off on the Discovery Channel, Sunday, July 23rd with the world’s greatest (human) swimmer Michael Phelps racing a great white shark in a special called “Phelps vs. Shark:  Great Gold vs. Great White”.

Phelps gave Entertainment Weekly some details on exactly how it went down, which helps so much since we expected there to be some kind of cop-out, and honestly we didn’t even think they’d race in the same place at the same time.

But we were wrong! First of all, the race was in Open Water, so he and the shark weren’t separated. And they “raced” 100 meters. They weren’t side-by-side, like if they were in a lap pool, and there were 15 safety divers in the water to make sure he wasn’t his contestants lunch.

There was some handicapping going on, since it’s not exactly a fair contest. Phelps can swim a little over 5 miles per hour on his best day. But that’s just cruising for a great white, which can reach 25 miles per hour.One way they evened the odds was giving Phelps a “monofin,” which is basically a dolphin tail attached to his feet.

As for who won, well, he’s not going to tell us before the special airs. But, he said, quote, “I got in and did my best, and you guys are going to have to see what the outcome is.”

Here’s the promo video:

@M_Phelps00 vs. Shark – Who will win the battle for ocean supremacy?

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