New iPhone Details come out!!! [Watch]

New iPhone Details come out!!! [Watch]

Apple is launched details for the iPhone X today which will cost a total of $1,000. The new phone will have wireless charging and facial recognition features, along with a “Super Retina” OLED Screen, and a faster and better performing processor chip. The phone costs as much as Apple’s entry-level MacBook. The iPhone X will have a 5.8 inch screen, a 3D camera module for taking 3D pictures and a blush and gold appearance. The iPhone X will be available November 2nd

Apple has also released details on their cheaper options with their iPhone 8 (4.4 inches) and iPhone 8+ (5.5 inches). The 8 will be $699 and the 8+ $799. Both will have the new processor chip the X has, both will have upgraded cameras, and both will have the option for wireless charging. Preorders for the iPhone 8 and 8+ will begin this Friday, and the new phones will hit the stores next Friday, September 22.


Apple also announced details for their new Apple Watch, and their Apple 4k TV.

You can watch the full live stream here:

And you can also see the first look at the iPhone X itself here:


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