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PA student forced to flush hamster down toilet [watch]

And so Aldecosea spent 10 minutes crying in the stall where she did the deed. Now she’s considering suing Spirit over losing Pebbles, who she says was classified as an emotional support animal. Spirit denies the flushing recommendation, though it did confirm Aldecosea was mistakenly told the hamster would be permitted on board as a […]

Target’s Offering Same Day Delivery? [watch]

The same-day delivery service will start in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee, but Target plans to expand to about half of their stores within the next few months. Go to Target.com to find out more.

PA man attacked family while naked and covered in cooking oil [watch]

Police say Lonnie Beatty had taken the hallucinogen on January 16th and lost control, assaulting two female relatives and their children. Police say he destroyed a house and the victims hid in a bathroom. The family dog bit Beatty trying to protect them. When police arrived, they say he was naked, wearing only a sock, […]

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