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Pizza Hut is expanding beer delivery [watch]

Now depending on how that goes, which lets be honest, it’ll go very well because that’s not a service you can get anywhere else, most beer delivery Pizza Huts will expand past Arizona and California by the end of the year. Fingers crossed PA won’t be the last to get this type of Pizza Hut.

Solo: A Star Wars Movie Pairs with the Red Solo Cup [watch]

In what has to be one of the most perfect pairings in the world of brand partnerships, Solo cups has teamed up with “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the upcoming prequel about the character Han Solo. Lucasfilm announced the “joining forces” with Solo back in March and now fans are seeing the Han Solo branded […]

Country Stars Celebrate Mother’s Day and show appreciation

Mother’s Day is on Sunday (5/13) and no matter where you are, you better be ready to celebrate with the rest of us! That includes our favorite country stars, and they speak about the the most important women in their lives, whether it’s mom or their loving wives. Keith Urban will celebrate his wife, Nicole […]

Americans are more stressed than they’ve ever been [watch]

Women are more anxious than men and also had a greater increase in anxiety: more than half (57%) of women 18-49 reported being more anxious this year, compared to 38% of men in that group. Only 19% of people reported being less anxious than they were a year ago, whereas 39% said that were more […]