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Man forced to retire golden arm after saving 2.4 million lives [watch]

On Friday, he made his final donation, having reached the maximum age allowed for Australian donors. “I hope it’s a record that somebody breaks, because it will mean they are dedicated to the cause,” Harrison said. In 1999, he received the Medal of the Order of Australia for his life’s dedication. “His kindness leaves a […]

KFC’s jumping on the royal wedding with a “Royal Bucket” [watch]

The Royal Wedding Bucket is described as “lavish and regal” and features a “bespoke crest with a modern KFC twist.” The design has fancy gold flourishes and both American and British flags. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be at KFC’s Windsor branch on the couple’s wedding day to get one of the 50 fancy chicken buckets. […]

Gas Prices keep rising, Americans look at other options [watch]

A new poll finds that 20% of Americans say they will likely go electric with their next car, which amounts to about 50 million people. That number is up from 15% last year, likely do to increased driving ranges and advanced safety features in such vehicles. Overall, range is still one of the most important […]

Mom fakes liking her mother Day gifts? [watch]

Forty percent of moms fake their reactions to Mother’s Day gifts they don’t like. If your mom says “thank you,” “awww!,” “I love it,” “wow, this is great” or “I really needed one of these,” then she might be among the 40 percent of moms who fake their reactions to Mother’s Day gifts. If you’re […]