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Domino’s Delivering even if you don’t have an address [watch]

The pizza chain has just introduced what they’re calling delivery “hotspots.” There will be 150,000 hotspots, which will allow folks to get their pizza without using a traditional address. Say you’re at the beach and want to order a pizza and you have a hotspot near you, you can tell the delivery driver to meet […]

Showering is a good thing, but not if you do it every day [watch]

Scientists say showering too much could dry out your skin, which will cause it to crack, making it perfect for germs to fester., also excessive washing can strip the skin of its natural oils, which affects “good” bacteria, which helps people’s immune systems.   So, how often should we be showering? Once or twice a […]

Pennsylvania Brewery Creates a Donut Flavored Porter [watch]

This isn’t the first time Robin Hood’s experimented with beers flavors, last year they made a pancake brew. This new porter is only available in certain places in Bellefonte and State College. In the Robin Hood Brewery, Home D Pizzeria, and Garfield’s. And they said if it does well, they may expirament more with donut […]

Target’s bringing back car seat recycle for discount [watch]

It’s really a great deal because those car seats don’t qualify for most curbside recycling programs and since they expire after six years, you can’t always give your old one away, so most car seats end up in landfills. Since Target started this program in 2016, they’ve recycled over 176,000 car seats and kept over […]