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New Scotty McCreery Album out [watch] / Maren Morris sticks to her roots

— Scotty McCreery’s album Seasons Change is available everywhere as of Friday¬†(3/16). Seasons Change features McCreery’s first number one song “Five More Minutes,” which he released independently prior to signing with Triple Tigers Records, and pays tribute to his late grandfather. Scotty’s recently released track, “This Is It,” details his proposal to his high school […]

Retirement benefits men’s health, plus planning tips [watch]

The study is the latest in a long-running debate over whether retirement is good for you. Earlier research had shown that it was often followed by accelerated cognitive decline, poorer mobility and an increased risk of chronic conditions. It was also argued that those who carried on working after the statutory retirement age tended to […]

Trouble sleeping? Stay away from these apps before bed

We all know that powering down before bed is better for sleep, but most of us are still guilty of staring at our phones prior to going to sleep. But what apps are worst for us to look at before bed? A new survey from Mattress Advisor reveals most people like scrolling through social media […]

Pennsylvania newlywed confesses to Priest he killed his wife

In the rectory office, Grazioli met with Rev. Michael Polinek and allegedly confessed to murdering his 31-year-old wife, Amanda, whom he married in September. While with the priest, Grazioli also revealed that he was suicidal and armed. Under Roman Catholic law, priests are forbidden from contacting authorities about confessions. But Polinek made an exception since […]

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