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weeping (not crying) is a natural stress-reliever [+More]

Shedding tears is ‘like giving yourself a hug,’ according to researchers, who claim that when we do it, the process actually triggers the release of natural anti-stress chemicals. “Tears that gently and slowly run over the cheeks have a sort of gentle massaging effect, causing stress-relieving compounds endorphins to be produced by the body, leading to […]

Jason Aldean Back on Tour / Cole Swindell gets special gift from Ellen

— On Thursday (10/12) during his first concert since the Las Vegas shooting, Jason Aldean told the Tulsa, Oklahoma, crowd about how Americans came together after the tragedy: A COUNTRY UNITED JASON ALDEAN — Cole Swindell made his debut appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last month (9/28), where he says the show’s host actually gave him a […]

America is getting bigger, but not in the good way

America’s weight problem isn’t getting any better, according to new government research. Overall, obesity figures stayed about the same: About 40% of adults are obese and 18.5% of children. Those numbers are a slight increase from the last report but the difference was tiny. Worrisome to experts is the rate for children and teens, which had […]