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Need a perfect boozy drink to cool down? Disney has your answers

As if we needed any more fun cocktails to bless our vacations, Disney is rolling out plenty of boozy drinks this summer to try out: Adventurer’s Spirit- which features tequila, grenadine, and orange juice. It’s basically a fancy looking tequila sunrise. Number 1 Fan- which is a blueberry vodka drink including lemon juice and strawberry […]

Kitchens are covered in germs… especially on these bad boys [watch]

Not surprising, kitchen towels used by large families, as well as families with children, contained even more bacteria, and what foods people eat also contributed to the bacteria. So if you now have the desire to go how and burn all your kitchen towels, no need to do that, but avoid using towels for more […]

See the new non-traditional bourbon made not too far from us

“It’s aromatic, very distinct. It’s leathery, rich, slightly fruity in a non-traditional sense. With the whiskey, it really works in quite well,” Tamworth distiller Matt Power said. The scent oils, known as castoreum, are actually found in a surprising number of products, said beaver trapper Anton Kaska. “I’m sure you’ve had castoreum, you just didn’t […]