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Brace Yourselves! We’ve got a whiskey shortage on our hands

Shortages throughout the world are always a cause for concern. Whether it’s clean drinking water in a third-world country or gas shortages in a disaster area, we’ve always got to keep our eyes open towards a goal of protecting our resources, and that includes our alcohol! A shortage warning has just been announced from Irish […]

Kindergarten class turns nursery rhyme into lockdown lesson

A poster with directions for what kindergartners should do in the event of a lockdown drill — written to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” — is going viral. Georgy Cohen shared a photo on Twitter after coming across the “jarring” poster hanging in her 5-year-old daughter’s classroom at Somerville Public School in Massachusetts. […]


The secrecy isn’t stopping Twitter from taking its guesses, and many assume the missing must be “breakfast.” Among other speculation: “bacon,” “Beyonce,” “butternut squash,” and, for parents who treat their kids to “breakfast for dinner” at the restaurant but may sometimes long for an adult cocktail, “booze.” The @IHOb handle has already been scooped up […]

Parents, be honest, you’ve told white lies like these before

No parent is perfect and even though you don’t like to admit it, most of you lie to your kids. And most of these are just “little white lies,” so they’re not Earth-shattering. But when a Twitter user got real with the hashtag #WhiteLiesYouTellKids, we saw just how much and what parents lie about. Here […]

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