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Are you winter clothes making you sick? [watch]

Apparently your winter clothes making you sick! Most people wash their normal clothes weekly, but can you say the same for your winter outwear? Most might wash their go-to winter jacket once, maybe twice this season. Researchers at the University of Arizona, say you should wash your coats, gloves and other winter clothes once a week in order to […]

Scientists Say Adolescence doesn’t end at age 19 anymore

We’re not really adults until age 24, new research has concluded, because so many young people are continuing their education for longer periods of time while delaying marriage and parenthood. The definition for adolescence is currently between ages 10 and 19, which marks the beginning of puberty and the perceived end of biological growth. But scientists […]

Be a better citizen in 2018, and here’s how…

If you’re extraordinarily busy, it’s hard to think of ways to be a better citizen. Good news! There are a bunch of ways that you can make minor changes to your day-to-day that also helps the environment and our surroundings. Here are ways to be a better citizen (even if your plate is full): Say […]

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