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It’s not IHOP…. it’s IHOB! [watch]

An IHOP rep confirms that while one restaurant in Los Angeles will change its outdoor sign, all the others will simply feature “IHOb-themed elements” inside. Critics give the company credit because it “squeezed a decent amount of juice” out of the move, to be followed by a national ad campaign, saying stunts like this are […]

Dad’s don’t need to worry about jewel shots with FridaBalls undies [watch]

FridaBalls [[FREE-duh-balls]] help dad “protect his legacy.” These claim to be the world’s first kid-proof underwear, so dads, uncles, and guys everywhere can have fun with kids without fear of getting an injury down there. These undies have a reinforced protective pouch to “soften the blow and keep dad’s buddies safe” should a baseball be […]

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