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Before you buy your kid a phone, do these things

Getting your own phone used to mean getting your own phone line.  And the worst thing a kid could do was run up your phone bill.  But cell phones are a little (a lot) scarier.  So here are some things you should without a doubt do before you get you kid one. (Huffington Post)  Set some rules […]

Great Gold vs Great White, just another case of all hype

For the past few weeks, I’ve talked a bit about the grand opening of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for this year. At first we were told the greatest swimmer on the planet was going to take on a great white shark, and that’s cool enough as it is, but of course weren’t expecting a real […]

Luke Bryan Makes Dreams Come True / Joe Nichols becomes more traditional

— Joe Nichols is dropping his new album on July 28th (this Friday), and you might think it almost sounds like a throwback, but actually, he just took a step back so he could sound more like his old self, and more traditional. Listen: AUDIO NEVER GETS OLD JOE NICHOLS NASH PREP EXCLUSIVE — One 88-year-old country […]

Police Fine owner of lemonade stand and leave her standing in tears

A couple of officers appeared at, what they called, an illegal lemonade stand, because it was operating without a trading permit, and handed the owner a fine totaling $116. In most cases, this is completely fine, people need to have a specific permit to trade their wares on the side of a street. The problem with […]

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